Uk boobies for noobies

I am gonna write about my introduction to british trash press.

best friend's cousin got us both pregnant
it can happen even to the best families (as a greek phrase suggests)

I had an amusing flight to Marseille learning about how important it is to be proud of your boobs and other important things. Of course sharing is always beneficial!

all boobs are awesome... be proud of yours
κερνάμε και βυζγια σ’ αυτο το μπλογκ (I cannot translate that)

So my flight was powered by ‘The Sun’ which has an even more amusing subtitle considering the content. ‘for a greater Britain’ – is it the size of boobs and does the size really matter?
What can I say. I guess the marketing team did a very good job on that.

Anyway, that reminded me of how people keen on boobies but too shy to admit used to go on the ‘movies’. Those movies were a bit special though. There was a random film playing but nobody cared. Everyone was waiting for this instant clip of porn that was embedded on the film of the advertised movie every few minutes. This instand clip of porn was called tsonda; and now tsonda is the most common word for porn in the greek language.

That of course was happening a few years ago when the ethics and savoir vivre were heavily (and negatively) impacting a nation known to be the number one in the world in terms of sex frequency. Unfortunately things have hardly changed and there is a reason for that. For me it’s called marketing. It’s easier to use sexuality if it has the taste of something forbiden. People are more interested under those circumstances.

Anyway; I don’t want to get too serious here. So take my partner’s 6-year old nephew dealing with it.

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