It’s only rock n roll

This Friday I made a childhood dream come true. Or simply killed it.

I went to The Rolling Stones concert. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I would feel goosebumps on the hearing of the famous announcement “Ladies and Gentlemen… the Rolling Stones” and I did. I was super excited.

I remember my first Rolling Stones albums I was 14. My parents weren’t big fans of the foreign music apart from some Italian pop song of the sixties, so I had never listened to the Rolling Stones before.

I went to the record store. I picked a record. Didn’t buy it.. too expensive. I gave it to the man who owned the shop and asked for a pirate copy.

I didn’t go to pick up, until he met me on the road and reminded me of the copy. I felt shame,  so I went to the store to pick it up the very next day.  To my surprise it was the best music I had ever listened to. I clearly remember the feeling of listening to “she’s a rainbow” for the first time. What an experience. I miss that excitement, I think I ‘ve lost the ability to get excited like that. I simply can’t get that feeling anymore. Have I grown old?

No filter tour, London

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