Preparing for my interview

It’s been a few months now working for this big company. Contracting as a junior / graduate and tomorrow is the day.

I am interviewing for a permanent position.

I ‘ve heard that the level and the expectations are quite high and only one out of ten makes it. Thats the statistics, but statistics is the scientific way to support a lie, right?

I ‘ve prepared but never feel ready. There is always something missing, something that can go wrong. The stress, the mind clarity…

Tech interviews reminds me of the final school exams.

– Sit down and TDD that and explain your self and your thoughts and everything…

– Ok. Now how would you design this service that can handle 600 trillion request per millisecond and the bandwidth need is 800TB per second.

– Tell me about your flows. What is your biggest flow as a human being? Do you suck your finger before you fall sleep? Do you cry alone in a shady corner after jerking off in the middle of the night? (Why is there a shady corner in your room in the middle of the night?)


I love job interviews.


[edit] I got the job![/edit]

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