Long time no see, innit?

following the last post, I got the job. I am now a permie with no probation, 50% pay raise and stuff. For the first time in the UK I feel like I can relax a bit. I got myself a new laptop too, so I can waste time learning Java in luxury.

What else… I am having my summer holiday in Crete. Every morning I do a kata to keep my programming muscle in shape and I seriously decided to work with Java 8’s Stream API.

Writing this I realised how geeky I have become… I am on holiday and doing katas and concerned about Streams.

Anyway, I am also reading a very good (non-programming related) book. Its very popular in the UK. It’s called Sapiens: a brief history of human kind and it is basically, partly a scientific approach to how sapiens differentiated themselves from other human beings by being able to imagine and create complected fairy tales and the writer’s view about agricultural revolution and the real cost of becoming from hunter-gatherers to farmers. A very interesting opinion indeed. I totally recommend it.


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